Arctic Coastal Dynamics

Special Issue of Geo-Marine Letters

Seminal ACD studies were published in the Geo-Marine Letters Special Issue numbers 2-3, June 2005, 63-203, edited by V. Rachold, F.E. Are, D.E. Atkinson, G. Cherkashov and S.M. Solomon.

  • V. Rachold, F.E. Are, D.E. Atkinson, G. Cherkashov and S.M. Solomon - Arctic Coastal Dynamics – an introduction
  • F. E. Are, M. N. Grigoriev, H.-W. Hubberten and V. Rachold - Using thermoterrace dimensions to calculate the coastal erosion rate
  • D. E. Atkinson - Observed storminess patterns and trends in the circum-Arctic coastal regime
  • D.S. Drozdov, F.M. Rivkin, V. Rachold, G.V. Ananjeva-Malkova, N.V. Ivanova, I.V.Chehina, M.M. Koreisha, Yu.V. Korostelev and E.S. Melnikov - Electronic atlas of the Russian Arctic coastal zone
  • M.T. Jorgenson and J. Brown - Classification of the Alaskan Beaufort Sea Coast and estimation of carbon and sediment inputs from coastal erosion
  • G.K. Manson, S.M. Solomon, D.L. Forbes, D.E. Atkinson and M. Craymer - Spatial variability of factors influencing coastal change in the western Canadian Arctic
  • S.L. Nikiforov, Yu.A. Pavlidis, V. Rachold, M.N. Grigoryev, F.M. Rivkin, N.V. Ivanova and M.M. Koreisha - Morphogenetic classification of the Arctic coastal zone
  • S. A. Ogorodov - Human impacts on coastal stability in the Pechora Sea
  • S.A. Ogorodov, A.M. Kamalov, G.K. Zubakin and Yu.P. Gudoshnikov - The role of sea ice in coastal and bottom dynamics in the Pechora Sea
  • V. Ostroumov, V. Rachold, A. Vasiliev and V. Sorokovikov - An application of a Markov-chain model of shore erosion for describing the dynamics of sediment flux
  • N.N. Romanovskii, H.-W. Hubberten, A.V. Gavrilov, A.A. Eliseeva and G.S. Tipenko - Offshore permafrost and gas hydrate stability zone on the shelf of East Siberia Seas
  • A.I. Sharov - Studying changes of ice coasts in the European Arctic
  • A. Vasiliev, M. Kanevskiy, G Cherkashov and B. Vanshtein -Permafrost and coastal dynamics at the Barents and Kara Sea key sites
  • S. Solomon - Spatial and temporal variability of shoreline change in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Region, Northwest Territories, Canada
  • P. Rekant, G. Cherkashev, B. Vanstein and P. Krinitsky - Submarine permafrost in the nearshore zone of the southwestern Kara Sea

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